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“To advise the USPA Chairman and Board of Governors of all safety aspects of polo through injury research, injury prevention and testing of protective gear. As well as communicate safety information and safety recommendations to polo players and polo officials.”



On Saturday, October 1, 2011, the USPA Board of Governors resolved to include the following Membership Agreement form to be read and signed by all renewing and new members of the Association. In addition, the Board of Governors resolved that all members shall be required to read and affirmatively confirm that they have read the Report pertaining to Helmet Standards in polo prepared by Dr. Lola Chambless.

To view the USPA membership agreement form, click here Terms & Conditions

To view Dr. Lola Chambless’ Report, click here Analysis of Helmet Standards for Polo Players.

To view Dr. Lola Chambless’ Report, click here Traumatic Brain Injuries in Equestrian Athletes.

Polo helmets currently on the market that the manufacturer certifies as meeting the NOCSAE standard:




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